ACE Axcel® Clinical Chemistry System

  • Compact (just 28" wide) benchtop chemistry analyzer with medium-high throughput

  • Capable of handling a dynamic and flexible test menu of routine and specialized assays

  • The average user runs 65,000-75,000 tests per year (approx. 20 CMPs per day)

  • Completely self-contained; no external water system, waste drain, or analyzer cooling unit required

  • Liquid, ready-to-use reagents provide reference lab quality results

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Waste Container

  • The ACE Axcel is a self-contained system and does not require a water system, special plumbing, or waste connections. Waste is easily accessible and bagged for convenient disposal.

Sample Cups

  • Tests can be performed using standard sample cups which are placed in segments that work in a carousel-like fashion. Once samples are loaded, the ACE Axcel provides over one hour of walk away time.


  • Disposable cuvettes are used to ensure accuracy and minimize carryover. They are loaded and stored on-board the instrument, ready for immediate use.

STEP Module

  • The ACE Axcel's unique cap piercing capability of primary patient sample tubes via Sample Tube Entry Port (STEP) permits closed tube sampling. This offers less operator interaction with the sample and a safer workplace.

Touchscreen Monitor

  • The ACE Axcel uses a touchscreen, Windows embedded, all-in-one PC. Instrument operation takes just the touch of a finger, even while wearing gloves. With bright and vibrant colors, the screen is easy to read from across the lab and displays items such as reagent status and number of tests on-board the instrument.

STAT Capability

  • The system offers true STAT capability by allowing STAT samples to be loaded during operation and processed ahead of routine samples, to meet immediate diagnosis and treatment needs.

Reagent Wheel &
On-Board Refrigeration

  • The ACE Axcel can measure up to 40 different assays on board at one time. Once the bottles are placed on the reagent wheel, on-board refrigeration ensures longer reagent stability, less maintenance time, and easier setup. The ACE Axcel can run panels, profiles, or single tests. Users can run any test in any combination at any time.

ISE Module

  • Gold standard blood gas electrode technology allows electrolytes to be directly measured by ion selective electrodes that are easily maintained.

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